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Top 10 Things to Do in France

We like to give you a few ideas from time to time of what you may enjoy doing when in France, and in this particular guide we are going to be listing the top 10things that people tend to do when in France. Obviously everyone will have their own ideas in regards to what makes

New Paris Ile De France

Welcome to our Paris and France related blog, here you are going to find a huge wealth of information that will enlighten you what that great City and France as a whole has to offer you. If you are planning a visit to France or Paris in the very near future then please take a

EHIC Card and Travel Insurance

Before you go away on holiday to France you should apply for something known as an EHIC card, that is a free of charge card that is issued by the Department of Health in the UK, and it will cover you for minimal medical treatment should you have an accident or become ill in France.